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What Customers Are Saying About Wildlife Pro

"I wish to express my satisfaction with your expert handling of a large raccoon which got into my attic by deforming the soffit areas in 3 places. You determined which of the areas was used for nightly exit and entry, and successfully placed traps accordingly. Your repairs should prevent this from happening again. I have had the 2 trees that were up against the house trimmed back as you suggested. Thank you".

John D.
Sylvania OH

"I am happy your inspection confirmed that red squirrels were not nesting in the attic. They were, however, getting into in the soffits. I am very pleased with the thorough work you did to close off all the entry points. The repair looks good and I'm sure it will be effective long term. At the same time, you discovered bats and did bat-proofing - we had no idea there were bats roosting in the attic!"

Debra S.
Swanton OH

"We are glad we choose your company for handling our mouse problem. My wife was very upset about mice in the house, and you responded quickly. You were thorough in your inspection, and in answering our questions. Your repair work was well done too. And best of all, we haven t had any more mouse problems since! Thank you very much. We will recommend your company".

Craig C.
Toledo OH

"Great experience! Wildlife Pro was fastidious in everything they did: their appearance, the truck, their careful inspection of the property, their listening skills, their punctuality. Even before they came, they explained their pricing over the phone.

Another contractor came out first who didn't know how to prevent woodpecker damage which only worsened the problem. This same contractor said he couldn't get into the attic because the door was painted shut. But not the Wildlife Pro tech! He got a ladder and carefully pushed the door open, and inspected the attic with a flashlight. The woodpecker made a hole in the window casing. The Wildlife Pro man explained to me exactly what had happened, and how to deter the bird from returning. The bird hasn't come back.

I am lucky to have found a company like Wildlife Pro. Thank you very much."

Judith G.
Ottawa Hills, OH

"I had a critter gnaw through our cedar siding and rip out a bunch of insulation. Called Wildlife Pro and they were out the next day. After inspecting closely, Mark said it was a raccoon. He set a trap and caught one that night. He set another and caught a second raccoon. Mark is very knowledgeable, professional, and responsible. I would highly recommend him. Thanks Mark! Great service!"

Kevin M.
Perrysburg, OH

"I called Wildlife Pro because I had bats in my garage. They came out and did the inspection on the garage and the house for signs of pest problems. Then they came back two days later and sealed all entry/exit points on the garage. (At my request, the house was not done.) The job was performed better than expected, and hopefully the bats will be gone for good!

Thank you"

Tamra R.
Sylvania, OH

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