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Common Greater Toledo-area Animal Issues

Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan, including the Toledo area and its suburbs, are home to nuisance animals, all causing common issues in your home and around your property.

  • Raccoons like to find refuge in attics and chimneys as well as decks, sheds and porches. Racoons will forage for food in your trash bins and steal fresh pet food stored in garages or barns.
  • Squirrels often seek shelter in your home’s roof overhangs, eaves or soffits.
  • Bats will invade your home to roost in attics, chimneys, or porch ceilings.

You may find rats, skunks and woodchucks as unexpected – and unwanted – housemates as well. Many of these wildlife will chew holes in your home, garage or barn – and potentially destroy your landscaping and yard.

Before you take action, you should know more about the small rodents you are dealing with as they may be carrying diseases. Not to mention, there are Ohio and Michigan laws pertaining to small rodents, including how to trap, humanely euthanize or relocate them.

Get control of nuisance animals invading your Northwest Ohio or Southeast Michigan area home.

Raccoon in a chimney

Greater Toledo Area Removal

Racoons are year-round residents and are primarily active at night. Wildlife Pro will set humane traps at the locations racoons are entering, roosting, or traveling around your property. Expert knowledge of animal behavior allows us to properly place our traps, bait without risk of stealing and capture nuisance racoons. Racoons may be released at the capture site or euthanized. Trapped raccoons cannot be relocated.

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Ask us about our clean-up, repair and restoration of your home after racoon control and removal.

Greater Toledo Area Squirrel Removal

Gray, red, fox and flying squirrels are all inhabitants of northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Gray, fox and red squirrels are active during the day while flying squirrels are active at night. Wildlife Pro understands the type of trap required to capture each of the variety of squirrels – and minimizes the risk of capturing non-target animal species. Nuisance squirrels may be trapped, euthanized or relocated after receiving permission from you, the landowner.

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Greater Toledo Area Bat Removal

There are a variety of bat species in Ohio and Michigan, all of them carrying diseases of concern including rabies, histoplasmosis and white-nose syndrome. It is not recommended to use a live trap to capture a bat, and certain other conventional traps may be illegal. Wildlife Pro lawfully and humanely controls and removes bats from your home and property.

We begin all bat exclusions with a detailed property inspection. Then, our animal control professionals seal any unused openings at the attic, roof, soffit or other points of entry around your home. Next, we install one-way bat escape doors to rid bat colonies from the structure. Main entry openings are finally sealed several days later. Your home will be bat-free – guaranteed!

*Note: In Ohio, bats cannot be killed. The bat must be released, where trapped. While most Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan homeowners do not want bats in their homes, having bats in the area can be beneficial for reducing certain insect populations.

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Ask us about our clean-up, repair and restoration of your home after bat control and removal.

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