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The Wildlife Pro Photo Gallery

We love what we do at Wildlife Pro, and we hope this is reflected through our many photos. We have included photos of all kinds of animal damage we've seen to homes, attics, roofs and chimneys, repairs we've installed, as well as some of the wildlife we have live trapped.  We've included some fun pictures too.

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Thanks and enjoy,

The Wildlife Pro Team


On a forty foot ladder to inspect roof and chimney
Raccoon in a chimney

Animal damage to wall, roof, soffit and insulation
Installing stainless steel chimney cap to prevent raccoon re-entry

Guard installed over roof vent
Raccoon at point of entry, in wall near roof line

Animal damage to soffit, wall and insulation
Raccoon droppings in residential attic space

Animal damage
Raccoon  live-trapped at entry point in roof

Squirrel damage, entry point exterior
Squirrel damage in a residential attic space

Wildlife Pro founder Mark Turner, live trapping opossum
Squirrel trapping and removal
 "The best part of waking up is a paw print in my cup"   A really big rat!

Wildlife Pro is a locally owned company providing expert animal control and removal services in the greater Toledo area, Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan including: Sylvania, Perrysburg, Rossford, Oregon, Waterville, Temperance, Monroe, Erie and Lambertville. 

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